The Top Torrent Sites – Alternatives to K.A.T.

This list is in random order. This list reflects a collection of reader suggestions.

  1. RARBG.to: This site is for P2P enthusiasts who take their file sharing seriously. In particular, RARBG is about quality high-resolution torrents, not about high quantities of torrents. When you look at the file sizes, you’ll see why this site is not for everybody. But if you are serious about your video files, then definitely consider this exclusive site. Note: memberships are not given freely, as the community there is very tight-knit. Adult advertising and pops are also very annoying at this site.
  1. Demonoid: This private membership community is temporarily accepting new members. With the July demise of KAT.cr, Demonoid is one of your best options for finding current torrents and getting reliable seeders. NOTE: get your Demonoid membership immediately, as the doors could close at any time.
  2. Torlock: Torlock is special. These folks actually pay their users a commission for uncovering  fake torrents and reporting it to their community. In a world of phony files, this is a tremendous service. If you are a regular downloader and are tired of wasted downloads and fraudulent files, give Torlock a try.
  3. EZTV.ag: this site is run by respected uploaders. It’s not the same volume of options as larger sites, but readers say that the quality of the files is consistently good.
  4. KAT.crSAD NEWS – KAT IS OFFLINE, JULY 20, 2016. The administrator ofKAT.cr was arrested by US investigators in Poland. He is now charged with copyright infringement. Read more on the KAT.cr shutdown here and here.
  1. idope.se: This is a very new site created in tribute of K.A.T. The administrators of idope also offer a mobile app for those users who use tablets and smartphones for their P2P hobby. Not many readers are aware of this site yet, and the interface is still being tweaked for improvement. Give this site a try and let us know if it works for you.
  1. Bitport.io Bitport is a newer 3rd party service in the Czech Republic.  They don’t give you torrents but instead will download torrents for you onto their own private servers. Once your large files are transferred to them, you then log on and download the completed file directly to your computer.  The free version allows 100MB per hour transfer.  You can subscribe to get faster transfer speeds.  Bitport is an excellent service, and considering the risks that they incur, the small $5/month fee is an excellent value for the customer.
  2. Boxopus: Boxopus is like bitport.io, a 3rd party cloud downloader.  The service does charge $1.50 to use for a week or $50 for a year.  If you want to integrate with Dropbox, then you’ll need to look elsewhere, as Dropbox has blocked Boxopus torrents. But there are some very convenient features here that some readers really rave about.  The price is actually very reasonable if you plan your downloads so that you can use the week-long access to its maximum.
  3. ExtraTorrent.cc: ExtraTorrent.cc is very visual and very busy.  But the thumbnails and file information at this site are tremendous. This site is definitely worth trying, as it is very browsing-friendly for discovering movies and music artists.
  1. Toorgle.com: Toorgle is a torrent metasearch engine based on Google technology. Like any metasearch service, your searches result from multiple other search engines on the Web. Toorgle retrieves the location of these files for you as a kind of matchmaking service. It’s quick to use and can help you find rare or obscure torrents. Just make sure you are careful in which torrent you choose at Toorgle, because Toorgle will show results from dodgy torrent sites, take the time to check that a torrent has positive comments and is verified by users before you download. Careful and experienced users comment that Toorgle can be very helpful, if you know how to pick the good torrents from the bad.
  2. SeedPeer.eu: SeedPeer is a very large database of over 3 million torrent files. The search interface is simple, and the keyword cloud map helps as a discovery means to find interesting movies, tv shows, and music artists. Fans speak very highly of SeedPeer, so do consider trying it out.
  3. Isohunt.toIsohunt is reborn!  After being shut down by the MPAA on October 17, 2013, Isohunt has been resurrected with a new domain name in a new country.  Please support this longtime champion of P2P file sharing!
  4. Torrent Funk: Torrent Funk is a very popular torrent search site that now supports commenting. While Torrent Funk also supports ‘verified status’ tagging, which some people prefer to comments. The interface can be difficult to discern between sponsored ads and the actual torrent links. But the Torrent Funk site layout is pleasing, the cross- movie recommendations are very helpful, and several About.com readers highly recommended Torrent Funk. Give this site a try, and watch if it will grow over time.
  5. Torrents.me: This site offers metasearching of movies and music in English and Spanish. There are some popup advertisements that are annoying, but perhaps you might like the framed interface for searching other torrent sites.
  6. BitSnoop.com: The largest known database of torrents today.  With over 18 million indexed files, one could argue that this is the only site you’d need to search at.  Try BitSnoop for yourself and see how it presents its results with its comments and ratings… you might like this site as much as other readers do.
  7. TorrentHound: At over 4.7 million torrents, TorrentHound is one of the largest players in the torrent P2P game. The site does enforce good use of ‘white space’ in the sidebars, so scanning the pages can be easier for most readers. Unfortunately, the comments counts are not included in the initial search results, so you’ll have to click into the individual files to see reader comments.
  8. LimeTorrents: LimeTorrents looks like most other torrent sites: tabular lists of torrents, with girly porn advertising in the sidebars. But LimeTorrents does have a growing database of nearly 2 million torrents, and multiple readers speak highly of the quality of seeds and legit files in the Lime catalog.
  9. Thunderbytes: This private site is a smaller community, which is good for reducing the number of false torrents.  You can join Thunderbytes by either getting sponsored by an existing member, or by becoming a donating sponsor yourself.
  10. FullDLS: At over 2.5 million torrents, Pearltrees/FullDLS is one of the larger torrent search sites today.  The advertising is a bit cumbersome, and you’ll have difficulty finding what is worth clicking and what is just sponsored banner advertising.  But the site is recommended by readers, and the search catalog does have popular files.
  11. Monova.org: This service is another example of clean and simple interface style. Additionally, Monova goes beyond torrents to also index newsgroup sites (e.g. alt.binaries.highspeed), which can sometimes be faster than torrent swarm downloads. Advertising is as unobtrusive as possible on the Monova pages themselves. Popup adult advertising will be a turn off for some users, but if you can work around that, this search service has a strong catalog of modern torrents.
  12. 1337XThis site has gone through changes, and is now a subdomain of Torrentbay India. The database is not nearly as large as its competitors, but you might find some good obscure older torrents here.
  13. TorrentDownloads.Net: With over 6 million torrent files in its catalog, this site is considered the second-largest torrent index on the Web today. To help you navigate the sheer magnitude of its database, TorrentDownloads also  publishes a filter to see only those torrents that have passed verification testing.
  14. Torrentz.com: This metasearch engine may look a bit amateurish, but it works well. It conveniently scours other torrent search sites for you, arguably saving you 20 minutes of search time when you are seeking that one particular song or movie.
  15. YourBitTorrent.com: This site has gone through changes over the years. The sponsored download links are annoying, especially for beginners who are not used to visually filtering out the paid advertising links. But readers atAbout.com have spoken highly of this site. If you are an intermediate or advanced downloader, visit YouBitTorrent and decide for yourself if you like the interface.
  16. Fenopy.eu: Fenopy has some compelling features. Fenopy has a Spartan and clean interface, and a portion of its library is dedicated to verified torrents. Easy sorting of the tabular results and a catalog of the most popular torrents will please most users. Advertising does pop up and distract, but no more than other torrent sites. Definitely give Fenopy.eu a try.

Disclaimer and legal warning for new torrent users: PaulKoziol.com does not condone illegal sharing of copyrighted material. While P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are indeed copyrighted. Uploading these copyrighted files puts you at risk of a civil lawsuit in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. While these lawsuits are often class-action suits, filed against groups of users who blatantly copy and distribute copyrighted materials, some lawsuits are harshly targeted at making examples of individual downloaders. These P2P civil lawsuits are very real, and whether or not they are successful, they are extreme financial and emotional burdens on the defendant.

ISP warning: your ISP may choose to release logs of your downloading/uploading activity to potential copyright plaintiffs. The more megabytes you download, the more you risk being sued by copyright protection groups.

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