Karima El Mahroug Net Worth



How Much Is Karima El Mahroug Worth?

Currently worth $5 million, Karima El Mahroug is a night club dancer from Morocco.

At age 8, Karima El Mahroug’s family moved to Italy. She began earning a great deal of attention when she was reported to have a relationship with Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy. Both parties denied the allegations. Prior to her teenage years, she was raped by two members of her family and was abused by her father which led her to run away. She lived in streets and was forced to steal money. At age 16, she became a night club dancer and on the same year, she was introduced to Italy’s Prime Minister. Karima El Mahroug had been the subject of many talk shows due to her relationship with Berlusconi.


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